Press Ons Info

There are 3 different kits available being The Pre-made sets, Pre-set design sets, and Deluxe sets.

Pre Made kits. These are sets that are complete and already packed for order. They will be available for next day shipping (Not including weekends). These are NOT guaranteed to fit your nails however they come in packs of 8 for potential fit. Some times I do offer size variants, when sizes are available, you will be able to select other sizes on the product page.

Pre Set Design Kit. These are sets that have a specific design I will replicate however I can change the color theme or charms but simply upon your request. These are fit to your nails by the virtual coin technique and it is crucial you specify whether you have a STRONG C CURVE or NATURAL CURVE nail bed. As shown in the images below, these small details make a big difference! 

Deluxe Kit. The deluxe kit is a set designed by your choice or with my creative assistance. You will be sent a fitting kit prior to the creation of your set. Plan this kit accordingly, but know you will have these for a long time. Deluxe kit comes with 3 year warranty for  replacement of any nail for any damage or loss. This kit comes in a storage box.