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Press On Nails

  1. All premade nail sets come in a pack of 8, however not certain to fit your own nails.
  2. Custom and preset designs press ons will be fit to you by virtual fitting. (Directions on product images)
  3. Deluxe package includes a fitting kit which will be sent prior to your set.
  4. For perfect fitting, please order a fitting kit.
  5. If you have any further questions, please DM me @Drilledbystayk on IG♡

Canvas Commissions

These are not always available. However, you can still request one with a priority request fee of $75, depending on the artworks meaning I will put my projects to the side. Please reach out through the Contact menu.

Custom Denim

I will randomly drop one of ones so keep an eye out or subscribe to email updates to be the first to know! My TOT Varies because I am not just working with denim.

These are not always available. However you can submit a priority request through the contact page if my commissions are not open, priority fee of $50. If you need these for an event, PLEASE PLAN ACCORDINGLY. I can take up to 4 days to source materials and keep in mind shipping.

Turn Around Time & Shipping

Depending on the demand of works, my TOT may vary. On average your item will be shipped the next day or within the same week, not including weekends. Orders made on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays will be shipped out that next Monday.

Custom orders I will keep in contact so you see the progress on your items.

Press Ons will be made and shipped within the same week.

Denims and other custom reworked accessories may take 1-2 weeks.

Artwork can vary from 1-2 months depending on size, medium, and whatever you requested.

Thank you!